Amish Built Timber Framed Structures

Building On A Timeless Tradition

Timber Frame Structures – Unrivaled Beauty & Strength

There’s nothing quite like the rustic beauty and strength of an Amish timber framed structure. The look is timeless and the value appreciates with every passing day.

For centuries timber frames have been used to build solid structures, spanning great lengths and heights. Today, we carry on this wonderful tradition of old-world craftsmanship with custom-built timber structures. We've built countless buildings including primary residences, vacation homes, cabins, chalets, barns, and stables.

Woodland Timberframing – Amish Quality Structures

The timbers used in each project are handcrafted in the hills of Ohio’s Amish Country. The joinery is traditional mortise and tenon, hand-pegged just like our forefathers did centuries ago. To ensure that your structure stays beautiful for many years to come, timbers are finished with a wood preservative in the color of your choice.

After all the parts have been meticulously crafted and checked for fit and finish the structure is then carefully delivered to your site. Within a mere matter of hours, the our team erects your entire structure using modern equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

Woodland Timberframing – Energy Efficient Designs

We care about the environment and energy conservation. Reducing your building’s energy consumption is achieved by incorporating Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs are insulated with safe, energy-efficient polystyrene foam, the same substance used in coffee cups and coolers you take the beach. SIPs ensure that you receive a high degree of energy efficiency while conserving our planet’s valuable natural resources.
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